Q:  Is Window Expressions a licensed company?

A: Yes, and this is very important. You can view the record of our license by clicking here and doing a search for “Window Expressions” at the Contractor’s State License Board (CSLB). Our license number is 827262, and it is the record based in Palm Springs. We are also bonded, and insured well beyond the minimum requirements.

Q: Child safety is a big concern for me. What products should I consider?

A: All of our products are designed with safety in mind, and provide standard or optional safety features. Special lift systems, break away controls, and cordless lift systems are available.

Q: Do you have motorized products available?

A: Yes, upon request, we can offer a large variety of motorized options.

Q: How much will my window coverings cost?

A: That really depends on a number of factors including what type and style of covering you’re interested in. Other factors that determine price are quantity, manufacturer, and material.

We try to be as competitive as we can, but until we have measured the windows and worked the numbers, we simply cannot answer this one.

Q: How long will it take to get my order?

A: Once the order is placed, turnaround time varies from product to product. For most blinds and shades, 2 weeks is about average. For shutters, it can range from 3 – 8 weeks, depending on a lot of factors, but usually it averages 5-7 weeks.

Q: Who will install my blinds/shades/shutters?

A: For shutters, the manufacturer’s warranty covers both the product AND the installation, so they do the install. If, for any reason, you need us to be present for the shutter install, we will be happy to meet the installer on site. However, we install our own blinds, so you will more than likely deal with the same person start to finish.

Q: How should I clean my window coverings?

A: All of our products require a certain amount of care. Fabric shades are generally more delicate than wood/faux-wood products, and usually a feather duster or brush attachment on your vacuum is all that is needed. Shades that require further cleaning can be professionally cleaned. For hard window coverings, a feather duster or damp cloth will work.

As with wood furniture, do not leave standing moisture on your wood blinds or shutters.

Q: What kind of warranty do I have on my window coverings?

A: All of our products carry a limited lifetime warranty. As an additional benefit to our customers, we include an in home service for a per-determined amount of time, depending on product.

Q: What happens when in home service is no longer available?

A: As stated above, our products do carry a limited lifetime warranty. As such, the manufacturer will service your products. You have the option to deal directly with the factory, or, for a nominal fee, we will do it for you.

Q: How do I get my window coverings repaired?

A: You have a few options available to you. Your best option is to contact us, inform us of the nature of the issue, and we will take the appropriate steps to correct the problem.

Q: What if I don’t like my blinds/shades/shutters?

A: As it states on our contract, this is a custom order, made to fit your windows, and after 3 days, can not be canceled. However, we want you to be happy, and we will work with you to make right any problems you may have after the installation is complete.

Please contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We appreciate your feedback!

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